My (somewhat tragic) Attempt at Bananas Foster Cream Pie


My (somewhat tragic) attempt at Bananas Foster Cream Pie

I can’t exactly remember when this idea popped into my head, probably when I was having banana cream pie at the Pie Hole, but I wanted to make it immediately.  I of course was all- “gee I wonder if I’m the first person to think of this?” -aaaand I’m not.  I googled it and a hundred recipes popped up.  None of them seemed that great or even that close to the real thing though so I started researching, then I got overwhelmed with too much info. In the end laziness won out & I decided to combine just 2 different recipes:

1.  Pie crust recipe from Cooks Illustrated, published on Food 52, here.
2. Random Bananas Foster Pie recipe, found here.

Anyway, the lesson you should take away from this is to not be lazy and to not get overwhelmed while researching recipes. The pie was fine and we ate most of it but it didn’t really taste like Bananas Foster. Next time I will make a much boozier sauce and use my favorite cream pie filling from Orangette. The best thing that came out of this was the pie crust. That thing was the easiest, flakiest, butteriest thing I’ve ever made & is now my go-to pie crust recipe. Stay tuned for the day I make this again!


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